Save R6 000.00 on this course during COVID 19 Lockdown We have taken off R6 000.00 off our normal price for this course. Special payment options also apply

Grab the Home Inspector Course – R6000.00 off for COVID 19 – Lockdown


Lockdown Specials

Use your time wisely

At SAHITA all our staff are working remotely. All our studies are online and as the lockdown has left us all with plenty of time on our hands we thought we need to do something to assist everyone to increase their skills.
Why not use this frustrating period to become a certified home inspector, by enrolling for the online SAHITA home/building inspector course at our special lock down rates?

Normal price is: R20,999 incl VAT

 SAHITA is offering a “LOCKDOWN SPECIAL” of  R15,000 only

That’s a Six Thousand Rand Saving

This offer is valid from 1 April 2020 until the  South African Covid-19 lockdown is lifted,

How do I claim these special prices?

When you register for your course there is a place to add a discount coupon. Fill the applicable coupon into the proper place. We have attached a guide on how to do this,

The Full course discount coupon code is: Lockdown
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Is there a payment Plan?

The SAHITA qualification is divided into three semesters. You can buy each semester individually and work on them at your own pace. The nornal price for these semesters is R7500 per semester.

During the South African COVID 19 lockdown, these semesters will only cost you R5000 per semester,

How do I claim these special prices?

When you register for your course there is a place to add a discount coupon. Fill the applicable coupon into the proper place. We have attached a guide on how to do this,

The Full course discount coupon code is: Lockdown
Each semester discount coupon code is: Lockdown-sem
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Why do this course now?

There are two good reasons why you should consider training as a home inspector: One of South Africa’s major corporates has approached our affiliate HouseCheck ( to launch a dedicated home inspection service for their clients.

This is likely to result in huge inspection volumes and as a result HouseCheck is planning to recruit 40 more home inspectors nationally, before the end of the year.

HouseCheck’s corporate client has stipulated that all home inspectors used must be SAHITA-trained  and must have the capacity to deliver daily volumes of accurate and consistent inspection reports within 48 hours of the inspection.

HouseCheck has announced that even during the lockdown it will begin a selection process for home inspectors who can demonstrate building knowledge and who have either completed the SAHITA home inspection course or who are in the process of doing so.

Secondly, The Property Practitioners Act 2019 can be expected to come into effect within months.  Draft regulations for this Act have already been gazetted for comment. The PPA is going to provide the SA  home inspection industry with a massive boost – this is because this new law requires much higher levels of disclosure regarding the condition of the property by home sellers and their estate agents.

Now is the time to get qualified as a Home Inspector.

Existing SAHITA Graduates can still upgrade to the new Curriculum 

Due to the COVID 19 lockdown existing graduates also have an extension until 17 April 2020 to upgrade to the new curriculum for only

R950.00 incl VAT

SAVE R20 000

All graduates and the who have part completed and paid for all three modules get until 17 April 2020 to upgrade to the new full course for only R950.00 incl VAT.

You will get access to all 30 of the new modules for the building / Home Inspector course. You will be entitled to complete the new assessments.

The new course (late 2019) is fundamentally different from the old course .  It has been updated, expanded and restructured to align with the new QCTO-approved Building Inspector qualification curriculum (Building Inspector Classes I and II).  Every module of the new course will be new ground for existing and old SAHITA students.

If you upgrade you may qualify for SACAP registration as a building inspector in either in Class I or II dependant on your work experience.

The new curriculum covers both the construction process as well as conducting inspections on previously built structures.

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Use coupon code “SAHITAGRADUATE” to claim your special conversion price.

HouseCheck intends recruiting 40 new home inspectors in 2020

Due to exciting potential new business, HouseCheck reports it is able to offer limited opportunities for home inspectors.

For more information please visit

Frequently Asked Questions
We know you probably have a host of questions to ask. We’ve compiled a few and the answers right here.
What will I study?
Here is a curriculum list f0r you to get a good idea of what this course consists of. 
There are 30 modules which you complete online at your own pace.
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