Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s)

Where do I do my course?

Tuition for the SAHITA home inspectors course is entirely online. The course consists of 34 modules, which you study online at your own pace and given the time you have available. The student needs to complete and pass, with a minimum 80%, an online open book comprehension test after each module.

What support do I get?

Although your tuition is based online there is support available through our national landline 0861 77 44 77 or you can email a friendly tutor at

How long will it take me to do the course?

Although it is feasible to complete one module a day, because of the huge amount of information contained in these modules, you will get more out of the SAHITA course if you progress through the modules a little slower. Of course, this also depends on your personal background and how much building information the student already has. The fastest that any student has completed the course is 8 weeks; the average is about 8 months; we require that students try and complete the course within one year.

The final two modules consist of two practical assignments which must be submitted to SAHITA by email – one is a business plan for a home inspection business and the other is an actual inspection report – on a house of the student’s choosing.

Why should I choose SAHITA?

  • The South African building inspection industry is headed for massive growth in 2018/19.
  • SAHITA is the only fully South African training programme for local building inspectors
  •  This year (2018) a national building inspector qualification is being developed by SAHITA, working together with various government bodies and the banks

HOW will I benefit?

  • The new Building Inspector qualification will trigger huge opportunities for qualified inspectors within the South African home inspection industry as the banks come on board.
  • SAHITA is a key stakeholder in shaping this qualification and once the qualification is registered, SAHITA will seek accreditation as an official course provider.
  •  SAHITA is committed to assist existing graduates in attaining accreditation.
  • HouseCheck, South Africa’s largest home inspection business is now expanding fast and is planning to recruit large numbers of new inspectors to satisfy the fast-growing demand for its services.
  •  HouseCheck only employs SAHITA graduates

WHAT makes SAHITA different?

  • Offers unique South African focused building inspector course material – National Building Regulations, in-depth knowledge of South African building methods, components and local conditions

Is there a payment plan?

The fees for the SAHITA training are R14 850 – payable either as a single discounted payment upfront of R13 500, or three payments of 1X R4 950 (for the 1st 13 modules) and 2X R4 950 for the remaining modules.


You can pay by either bank transfer (EFT) or by using a South African Visa or Mastercard.

Who do I contact for clarification?

John Graham – Principal SAHITA
Learning Programme for Property Assessment Practitioners
083 3109 766
Fax: 086 606 6590

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The SAHITA course

The SAHITA course is endorsed by NABISA (National Association of Building Inspectors of SA) and By HouseCheck, South Africa's leading home inspection company.

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National Call Centre:
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