Fees & payment

Apply for registration

Prospective students are required to fill in the registration form online.  Please submit a copy of your ID book and documentation showing the highest level of education you have obtained. Fax us on 086 606 6590 or by email.

If you cannot complete registration then you could download this form and submit.

Making Payment

Successful applicants will be emailed an invoice by SAHITA and will then be required to make payment of the course fees either by electronic funds transfer, bank deposit or credit card.
(Click here to pay via Visa or Mastercard)

The course fee is R14 850. If the full course fee is paid in advance then you need only pay R13 500,  due and payable before starting the course. Alternatively, the student may choose to pay the course fee in three tranches: R4 950 (initial); R4 950 after completion of Module 13 and R4 950 after completion of Module 20

No further modules may be studied until all due payments have been received.

Getting Started

Once payment has been received the student will be supplied with log-in information consisting of a user name and password and can then start the course.

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