Fees & payment


The course fee is R22 500 – payable in three instalments. If the full course fee is paid in advance then you need only pay R20 999. Alternatively, you may choose to pay the course fee in three tranches: R7 500 (initial); R7 500 after completion of Module 10 and R7 500 after completion of Module 20

Online access to the modules is granted as soon as confirmation of payment has been received.

Apply for registration and make payment

Prospective students are required to fill in the registration form online.  Please go to the SAHITA home page and click on “Apply Now” . Then select your Course Option (Either “Semester 1” – R7 500 OR “All Semesters” – R20 999). When you click on “Select” you will be taken to the “Billing Details” page – complete your personal information and then follow the prompts to Checkout.   Then indicate whether you will be paying by bank transfer/direct deposit or by using your credit card.  The system will generate an invoice which will include our bank details if you have indicated you will be paying by bank transfer/deposit.

Once you have made payment please send your confirmation of payment to [email protected] and we will then open online access for you to the study materials you have paid for.

Getting Started

Once payment has been received the student will be supplied with log-in information consisting of a user name and password and can then start the course.

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