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This special also applies to registrations for the first semester (1 of three) which allows for a discount of R1 500 where you only pay R3 400 instead of R4 950.00

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The SAHITA course is offered through Online Tuition.

Here is a list of our course content.

Here is a list of frequently asked questions that students want to know.

Property condition assessment, also known internationally as “home inspection”, or “property survey”, is one of the most exciting business opportunities in South Africa.  SAHITA offers a certified professional qualification for South African Property Assessment  Practitioners.

Property Assessment Practitioners include members of South Africa’s fast-growing independent home inspection industry; estate agents who want to provide a value-added service to their clients; municipal and statutory building inspectors; and insurance assessors.

The South African home inspection industry is especially suitable for small business and entrepreneurs because the prospects for growth are excellent, start-up costs are low and because a high level of personalised service will enhance the prospect of success.

The new national Building Inspector qualification,  which has been approved by QCTO and which is now being developed by SAHITA, LGSeta, NHBRC, banks and other stakeholders, will regulate building inspection services in South Africa.  This new qualification is expected to create an additional 10 000 jobs in the property inspection sector.

SAHITA training provides new and existing home inspectors and other property professionals with a head start in this exciting and fast-growing sector of the property industry.   SAHITA is working closely with experts in the training field to ensure that its official accreditation will meet the standards of the new Building Inspector qualification.

SAHITA Learning Programme for Property Assessment Practitioners

SAHITA is the first Property Assessment Practitioner academy in South Africa to educate and equip students and building inspectors with an all-round knowledge of South Africa building & inspection. The SAHITA course material has been specifically structured to conform to South African building methods and regulations. SAHITA’s affordable on-line modular course is designed to help SAHITA learners launch their careers as accredited and qualified South African Property Assessment Practitioners (home inspectors).

Our expert trainers have a wealth of knowledge and experience and are able to provide individual mentoring and an independent and confidential support service.


Payment can be made either by credit card online or by bank transfer after registration. If you need to talk to someone first – Call the SAHITA office at 0861 77 44 77

Who should do the SAHITA course?

  • People who want to make property assessment  a career
  • Unqualified home inspectors
  • Estate agents who want to inspect properties for their clients.
  • Project managers
  • Insurance assessors
  • Bank valuators


The home inspection industry

With the South African government’s emphasis on consumer laws and the public more and more aware of their consumer rights, the SA home inspection industry is forecast to grow rapidly over the next 10 years.It is expected that South Africa will follow the United States trend where nearly 8 out of 10 homes sold are inspected before they are sold.

More than 22 000 houses are sold monthly in SA and all of these buyers are prospective customers who would benefit from home inspections.  This is the vast potential of the home inspection market.


Payment can be made either by credit card online or by bank transfer after registration. If you need to talk to someone first – Call the SAHITA office at 0861 77 44 77

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